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00:00 Introduction
00:46 Where to Ask Questions
00:54 What happens to BTC prices during Monetary Deflation?
01:12 Deflation is the worst of all scenarios
03:49 Reminder: Unfunded Liabilities
04:12 I am 65% Solana (28 years old) and am scared of a worse scenario and it crashes. Would you recommend to swap some (ex 20%) for Bitcoin by selling at a 10% loss now, or is it not that risky?
04:33 Higher The Risk, Higher the Return
04:53 BTC ETH and SOL Mapped
06:00 Return To Halfway to ATH
06:44 My Personal Approach – Ranges
07:43 If it’s true that Sam Bankman Fried is actually a Sith Lord and points the Death Star at Crypto – shouldn’t we just flip our BTC & ETH into FTX & SOL as they are going to be the only survivors?
08:03 Sith Lord vs Beanbag Lord
09:47 Evil vs Good
10:00 Benthamite Ideal
10:11 SBF Empire
10:58 CZ vs SBF
12:00 In the light of a sure recession, aren’t risk assets gonna keep going down even if the fed pivots earlier then they say they plan to?
12:27 Average Recession Duration
13:07 When stocks bottom during a Recession?
14:10 And Proof Top to Bottom -27.52%
15:00 SPX PE 15.9
16:00 You are a big proponent of the 3 legged stool: crypto, real estate, & equities. My wealth consists of being a wholecoiner and owning a paid-off house. Would you go hard into equities, keep stacking Bitcoin, buy a 2nd home for rental…? NFA
16:27 NFA: I Never Pay Off Mortgages
18:28 Borrow $1M Mortgage and Buy $1M Home
19:32 Asset Purchase Timing
20:19 Withdrawing $100k 2.5 years ago
21:02 Looking to purchase a first castle via a BTC backed loan in order to obtain RE while keeping a long-term BTC position. What are the major risks for those looking to stretch their money in such a manner?
21:36 Crypto-Backed Loan Risks
22:48 Summary
23:19 My mother-in-law is concerned about the state/social care draining away savings that would of been inheritance destined for her disabled son. Since the fiat system is set to get worse and therefore her potential savings might be drained away before it gets to her son, how can we use crypto to circumnavigate the steely hands of the state?
24:00 Step One – Plan
24:20 Step Two – Don’t Mess
25:00 Re Crypto
26:23 As we move closer to a reset, when the US switches to CDBC how do you think the price of gold will perform?
26:36 CBDC and Gold Price Action
27:26 Gold Price Forecast and Real PP
28:25 Ray Dalio’s “Changing World Order” video positions the US as a declining power and China as a rising power. What is your perspective on this, including any implications for investing?
28:51 Changing World Order?
29:19 China Issues
30:22 Bullish China vs Bearish China
32:31 Per Warren Buffett
33:46 Govt spending is the main driver for money debasement. Although govts are voted for by the people, too many are depended on a generous govt (govt employees, people on various benefits: health, unemployment, retirement, etc.) Do you feel the structure in Switzerland, where more power remains with its citizens, is the best way to avoid this trap?
34:19 Entitlements Are The Issue
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