HIGHEST Paid Software Developer Job!? Blockchain Developer Guide

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Blockchain development is a field that’s growing each year by 517%. VCs are investing billions of dollars to help build the web3 ecosystem. Hence, web3 startups are always looking for blockchain developers and are willing to offers average salaries of over $150K per year even for remote positions.
You can also use VC Job Boards and https://gitcoin.co/ to find opportunities for blockchain developer roles.

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0:00 Hottest software developer sector
1:15 Average Salary of a Blockchain Developer
2:50 Pre Requisites for becoming a Blockchain Developer
4:40 Day in the life of a blockchain developer
6:20 How to learn Solidity and start your web3 journey?
9:00 BEST Blockchain Developer Course?
11:00 How to make a smart contract?
11:40 How to Find Opportunities in web3 startups?
13:30 Outro

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