How to update your Goldshell Crypto Miner Firmware, QUICKLY.

Miner KA3 , How to update your Goldshell Crypto Miner Firmware, QUICKLY. ,
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WhatsApp: +86 18652531708 , 280 , 5.00 , Since becoming a crypto miner, I have learned there is a lot to stay up to date with to ensure your ASIC miners are performing optimally.
In this video I wanted to quickly walk everyone through exactly how to update your Goldshell ASIC miner firmware to the latest version.
Its pretty simple once you do it.

Step One: Verify the latest software (use this link)

Step Two: See what your miner is currently running. Do this by using the link below, then click settings, On the right side of your Miner screen it should show the model and then the “Firmware Version”. Make sure it’s the latest, and if not…

Step Three: Update your firmware buy clicking “System” on the left side once in your miner settings, scroll down to “Update” and once you’ve downloaded the most recent firmware, unlock your miner and update it.

Thats it, give it about 30 seconds to reboot and refresh and you should be good to go. If you have issues, contact Goldshell support, they are awesome I’ve heard! , 1640741770 , 2021-12-29 01:36:10 , 00:04:46 , UCasr6iZBDikSQcmOcI7YZ3g , David Maus Jr , 9 , , crypto,crypto mining,how to set up crypto miner,how to update asic firmware,update goldshell miner firmware,update goldshell,update miner,latest asic miner firmware,mining diy , , , ,, #update #Goldshell #Crypto #Miner #Firmware #QUICKLY -The trustworthy Virtual Currency/Digital Currency Miner/Mining supplier
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