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WhatsApp: +86 18652531708 , 1262 , 5.00 , In this Sato Stake review, we take a look at this brand new miner that offers 4% fixed daily returns, along with some additional features.

Sato Stake seems like a promising project, and I’m excited to share this launch with you guys.

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What is Sato Stake?

SatoStake allows its users to stake BTC on The BinanceSmartChain to earn a fixed rate of 4% daily. SatoStake has an audited contract and its ownership is renounced, the safest combination to be found. The project has been thought to be long lasting and all the rules applied in contract are made so that the fixed daily rate will last for months to come.

SatoStake investment model require mandatory rewards claim in 24 hours and next ROI cycle will be dependent of earlier reward claims. SatoStake encourage investors to reinvest their profitability after withdrawal to generate maximum ROI thus allowing daily rewards withdrawal to 75%. This model will have a withdrawal fee of 2%.


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