Soldering on the PMU of Avalon 821 | ASIC miner repair | Soldering an isolation chip

Miner KA3 , Soldering on the PMU of Avalon 821 | ASIC miner repair | Soldering an isolation chip ,
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WhatsApp: +86 18652531708 , 1169 , 5.00 , The technician in this video is replacing the isolation chip on the Avalon 821 PMU. The technician shows the usage of tin removal wire in this video, and this step can be omitted in actual operation.

Tools used in this video:
1?Constant temperature preheating platform:
2?Tin paste:
3?Tin removal wire:
4?Flux solder paste:
5?Adjustable welding auxiliary holder:
6?ANLIXIN-862D desoldering station:
7?Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit for IC Repair:

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