The Kadena Market Leader —–Bitmain Antminer KA3 Server Setup Novice Guide

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In recent years, the crypto market is booming, a series of cryptocurrency projects emerge one after another, for blockchain industry players brings a wealth of investment opportunity and market risk, KDA is also one of the emerging crypto projects. Along with global largest miner manufacturer joining bitmain, KDA may become a new opportunity for crypto investors.

Antminer KA3 is the first KDA currency machine launched by Bitmain, design using the Bitmain 19 series, carry with air cooling technology, the operation of the miner under the Blake2S algorithm can be valid protect. Bitmain’s research high-performance computing chip, give the professional computing server powerful data capability, with advanced cooling solutions, Increase the service life of the miner. Not only can it maintain excellent and stable working conditions at all times, It can help users explore a new future full of infinite possibilities. The server adopts an integrated body design, the whole machine is highly integrated, safer and more convenient, at the same time, reduce the volume of the whole machine as much as possible, save space.

KA3 is carry with high-performance computing chips developed by Bitmain, provides very good hash rate performance, up to 166T, energy efficiency ratio is 19J/T, power consumption less than 4000W.

Compared to current market output, this antminer KA3 is a new evolution, a leap up.

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